Overdue Payables: Adhere Strictly To The Rule Book, FIFA Football Agent Tasks IMC

Delta State based Nigerian FIFA Football Agent, Mr. Endurance Ogbemudia has pleaded with the Interim Management Committee (IMC) not to take the issue of overdue payables in the Nigerian top-flight with levity.

The Vocal football agent who is currently in Zurich, Switzerland where he attended the first ever FIFA Executive Programme in Football Agency described overdue payables as an “Ill wind that is blowing the League no good”.

He noted that football governing bodies across the World have consistently frowned at owing football players and coaches.

He said “At the recently concluded Africa Football Agents Association Conference held in Abuja, I was previleged to be in a same of panel of discussion with Mr. Olumide Bamiduro the Secretary of IMC on the topic ‘”Football league development, using the IMC-NPFL as a case study.” unpaid wages to the main actors was mentioned and I remember Mr. Bamiduro assured the conference participants that indebtedness to players is a thing of the past, he said clubs are expected to honour contracts and any breach will be handled accordingly and sanctions meted to the defaulting parties”

“It will however interest you to know that in the current season some contracted players of Elkanemi Warriors had their contracts breached and complaints sent to the IMC since December 2022 with series of reminders are yet to be attended to till date, I have other instances as well”

He alleged that the IMC haven’t covered themselves in glory and appealed for focus into the aspect of salaries and entitlement due to Players and Coaches, just as they have taken care of the welfare of match officials.

Mr Ogbemudia admitted that it’s just early days for the IMC officials in office, but stressed that it’s pertinent to hit the ground running as soon as possible. He said he expected alot from the IMC considering the caliber of notable sports stakeholders in the committee like the head of operations Mr. Davidson Owumi, Kunle Soname amongst others who stand against this kind of treatment against players.

“I believe you are aware of what just happened in England to Wigan Athletic FC, the team was deducted 3 points with immediate effect for failure to pay wages and breach of contract of players by the EFL.”

Ogbemudia made it known that it will do all stakeholders a lot of good if the Interim Management Committee would follow the rules and guidelines of the Nigerian top-flight to the letter.

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